๐Ÿ‘ฎThe Protector โ€“ Control


The protector archetype strives in established market/value spaces, and either regulates or enforces norms erected as rules. It is good at deploying and maintaining an existing infrastructure.


  • Partially dependent on infrastructures/partially autonomous: range of action;

  • Seek coordination with other established forces;

  • Can endure longer-term conflicts;

  • Resource & infrastructure specialist;

  • Aim at enemy strategic resources: either destroy to confuse or acquire to control;

  • Explicit internal rules/procedures/rituals to respond to difficult/unclear situations;

  • Specialised crew members;

Typical behaviour

  • Rely on the known

  • Uses existing or creates new governing constraints

  • Risk minimiser

  • Pattern identifier and strategic/tactical planer

  • Identify โ†’ Acquire โ†’ Secure

  • In high-conflict with pirates


  • Ocean: Red and Grey Oceans

  • Players: Buyer, Seeker

  • Monsters: Greed, Fear, Obsession

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