🔵Blue Ocean – Highly Innovative


Deepest and Largest Ocean


Holds the highest pool of resources, but it's difficult to both seize opportunity as a small player and monopolize as a big player due to its vastness. Deep Sea Mining is a lucrative activity.

It's a zone of discovery and innovation where one initiative can have many outcomes. The unknown is more daunting than the unpredictable.

It holds all forms of settlements: Port Cities, Forts, Islands, Lighthouses makes it deceptively accessible. In reality it's extremely difficult to find the best navigation course by planning ahead.

Although difficult, connecting Islands can open outstanding business opportunities with long-term potential.

Typical behaviour

The Blue Ocean exists in a paradox state: considered peaceful, but it can hide a lot of activity. New players may arise unexpectedly and bring high-value.

While partner ecosystems are valuable, many players push towards large customer base.

It can be dangerous to wander in with poor preparation or a narrow mindset, since the many get lost in its deep waters.

Stability and Trust can be achieved at scale but you still need to reinvent yourself periodically since customers are keen on experimenting and trying new products other players bring to market.

The most common players: The Seeker and The Buyer.

Pirates and Navy are often in conflict, but the vastness of the ocean allows them to "lose" each other.

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