🔴Red Ocean – Established


An active ocean that connects most shallow waters.


Highly competitive and transited zone.

High-end goods and services are being traded and circulated.

The shallow water provides access to rich fishing grounds and abundant resources, but it can make navigation difficult and increase the risk of running aground.

Port Cities are numerous, with fewer islands than most oceans. Successful navigation consists in having clear and direct routes.

Lighthouses perform a historical, yet important function in providing guidance in zones with unpredictable conditions.

Typical behaviour

Rich in monsters (both real and fictitious) and aggressive players who can be merciless if you are small. You may need to be backed by big players to persevere.

Clarity and practicality take precedence over visionary thinking. The customers are experienced and exigent.

Success in Red Ocean relies heavily on strong and stable partnerships that often increase profitability by joining forces.

"Unicorns" are less tolerated than pirates, despite heavy regulations.

The most common players: The Buyer and The Protector.

Pirates cannot last long in the Red Ocean: With few islands, there are only few places where they can get resources or hide from the navy.

They often expose themselves to high risks (monsters) but are able to enjoy moderate gains through quick raids and evasion tactics.

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