🟡Yellow Ocean – Blitz-scaling


A warm ocean with an abrupt change pattern


Rich only in primary resources (it can hinder the development of more fragile resources).

Few islands, but growing Port Cities with an appetite for en bulk trading and investing in scalable products/services.

Water evaporates at an abnormally high rate due to its temperature, but it's warm currents of the Yellow Ocean are fast-moving and swift which, for agile players, is a powerful asset.

Typical behaviour

You need to move fast and efficiently. Mismanagement of resources is costly and can shut down your operations overnight.

Blitzscaling friendly

It favours quantity over quality since the main objective of the players is to sell at scale.

There is little to no customer loyalty. If you cannot continue to scale, there is no sustainable value in your brand.

Innovation is more incremental than radical - hype and high consumption are prioritized.

Vulnerable to pirate attacks and extremely difficult to navigate rough waters for those inexperienced.

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