๐ŸŸขGreen Ocean โ€“ Sustainable


Youngest ocean, considered to be an extension (convergence point) of the red, blue and yellow oceans.


Poor in connecting routes and business opportunities due to its cold but generative waters.

The Convergence Point between Red, Blue, Yellow oceans offers players the opportunity to move quite seamlessly in either Ocean to continue their business there if they decide to explore new markets.

Players can settle on Islands or archipelagos and coordinate their routes in proximity.

Its boundaries are dry, cold, icy islands, with very few ports which makes trading difficult.

Typical behaviour

Hostile to small players and startups.

Not so focused on scaling, but on impact.

Home of non-profit, purpose-driven players.

It's not easy to grow or innovate unless you are an outside-the-box thinker.

Only sustainable and self-sustaining practices can ensure success

During crossing the convergence point, players can suffer losses due to the change in the rules and how that affects their business.

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